Our Strategy

Support children and their families

Increase our reach to ensure children, teens and their families are supported by building informative and impactful educational programs and resources to instil knowledge and confidence in disease management, as well as provide rapid access to treatments used to manage digestive disease.
How we support


Extend the range and scope of support offered to families, leading to improved outcomes for children and families. Pilot and develop programs to provide transitional support to families and explore new geographic areas for expansion.
Community and corporate involvement

Increase profile

Increase the profile of Robbie’s Rainbow, leading to increased public awareness about the issues of childhood digestive diseases by developing links with other organizations and continuing to build our campaigning profile.
Support us


Continue to ensure that our marketing and fundraising activities effectively deliver income and raises our profile. Focus on donor acquisition and major donor income, along with our drive to deliver continued growth across all income streams, by further investing in digital activity and our brand, building our profile consistently and developing stakeholder relationships.

Professional development

Continue to invest in the professional development of staff, with a continued focus on leadership and management skills, ensuring that we achieve sustainable growth and continue to maintain our strong values of providing therapeutic access and building health literacy.