Who We Are

Robbie’s Rainbow is a registered children’s charity dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of children and families living with digestive disease.

Our charity provides rapid access to medical therapies for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis not covered by private or public health plans and we build education tools and resources which cover a variety childhood digestive diseases to help children, teens and families build a strong foundation of knowledge to live with confidence and optimism.

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Our History

After 9 months of mysterious weight loss, vomiting and flu like symptoms, 6 year old Robbie Murray was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. After trying and failing multiple drug treatments, Robbie began a new class of drug called a biologic. The response from this treatment was remarkable. Robbie’s energy levels came back, his appetite slowly returned and the never-ending abdominal pains diminished. Within 6 months, Robbie was back to school and embracing his newfound health.

A year later, while in hospital receiving treatment, Robbie and his mom, Kate, witnessed a child with IBD denied access to the same treatment Robbie was receiving. The child’s parents worked multiple part-time jobs, did not have private health coverage and did not have the financial resources to pay for this treatment on their own. Heartbreakingly, this young child left the hospital without the treatment he desperately needed that would best manage his disease.

Moved by what they had witnessed, Robbie and Kate left the hospital that day forever changed. Reaching out to their community, the two created Robbie’s Rainbow and set forth on a mission to help ensure that no child be turned away from a treatment that can help restore the health and quality of life of a child.