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Fecal Calprotectin (fCal) Testing in IBD

What is fCal protection and why is fCal testing important? All your questions are answered in this article on the role of fecal calprotectin in managing inflammation in Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Read more

Convenience When Choosing a Biologic

With options for biologic therapies steadily growing, there are many factors to consider when choosing a biologic to best manage IBD and fit your lifestyle. In this article, learn about the options available and questions to ask your Gi and IBD nurse. Read more

Extra-intestinal Manifestations (EIMs)

You may have heard your GI team mention the term EIM, it refers to conditions that may affect different parts of the body and might be related to IBD inflammation. In this article, learn more about the most common EIMs in IBD, symptoms and treatments to manage them. Read more

Fatigue and IBD

When you have Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, fatigue can feel physical, mental or both! You may feel like you’ve suddenly “hit a wall” and that’s a common feeling. In this article, learn the importance of sleep and how it is essential for both mental and physical health. Read more

Mono vs. Combo Therapy

Anti-TNF agents are now common biologic agents used to treat children and teens with IBD. When an anti-TNF agent is taken alone, with no immunomodulator, this is called “mono-therapy.” When combined with an immunomodulator, this is called “combo-therapy.” Learn how and why mono or combo is used in this article. Read more

Connection, Communication & Honesty

Tips and insights from teacher Katie on how to build connection and communication between parents and their child’s education team. Katie shares how honesty and openness can be the catalyst in making a parent-teacher relationship in managing IBD a strong and lasting one. Read more

My Crohn’s Journey

David was 18 when he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. After multiple surgeries and new medications, David found strength in bodybuilding and shares his lessons learned and words of inspiration and strength in the article. Read more


Looking for quick health and lifestyle tips on IBD? Well, we’ve got it all right here. From sleep to sports, diet and nutrition, these articles offer easy tips to incorporate into your life so IBD won’t slow you down. Read more