Jonathan’s Dream

Jonathan is a normal 14-year-old boy at first glance, but if you were to take a moment and look inside his body this is when you would learn that Jonathan lives with a debilitating disease.

Jonathan was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in April 2010. His life and the lives of his family changed forever. Leading up to his diagnosis, Jonathan experienced severe cramping, weight loss, and bleeding that would fill the toilet bowl. Needless to say, he had little energy and was extremely tired.

Terrified by Jonathan’s state, he was rushed to the local hospital where a medical team determined Jonathan was dehydrated and due to the loss of so much blood, he would need a blood transfusion and would be rushed immediately to SickKids in Toronto.

Jonathan’s diagnose came after an 11 day stay at the Hospital for Sick Children. Shortly after this life changing news he wanted to help make a difference, fight, be a voice and advocate for this disease. He did not want to give up on his dreams nor did he want to see other kids give up hope.

Jonathan has created an annual hockey event in Barrie, Ontario that raise awareness and funds for Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis treatment and research. He strives to be a normal teenager and avid goalie. Jonathan says, “when I am standing between the goal post I am not only fighting to keep my team in the game, but also want to inspire others with IBD not to give up their hopes and dreams”.

2nd Annual Crohn’s and Colitis Hockey Tournament (CCHT) … Play for a Cure took place Apr. 27-29, 2012. Read more on the chapters website.

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Katie’s Crohnies

I was diagnosed when I was about 12 years old. It was hard for doctors to figure out what I had as I was suspected of having an eating disorder for some time. Once they found out it was Crohn’s I basically went through all kinds of medication as one treatment would work for me for about a year, sometimes less, and then I would have to move onto stronger medications.

All this lead up to surgery on October 15th 2010 where I had 52cm of my intestines removed. After surgery I was told I’d have to go on Humira or Remicade to keep by Crohn’s at bay. I ended up choosing Humira and have now been on it for about 2 years.

I have always been passionate about the issue of “Access to Medical Treatment” especially when it’s a medication or treatment that patients need to stay alive and healthy. Being a young child and being refused because your family cannot afford the treatment…well, it’s wrong.

When I heard about Robbie’s Rainbow I immediately wanted to get involved with the organization, as I think that they are fighting for a wonderful cause.

Robbie is amazing and I am so blessed to get to help in the fight against Crohn’s. We will beat it, One Child at a Time.”