With more than 230,000 Canadians living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), 6,000 of which are children, chances are IBD affects you or someone you know or love.

You can make a difference by helping Robbie’s Rainbow improve the lives of young and vulnerable children living with IBD. When you fundraise for our organization, your donated dollars will help provide children with critical treatments and care (not covered through provincial or private health plans) and support through our education programs and resources.

There are many fun and easy ways to fundraise for Robbie’s Rainbow in your community.

To create and host an event to raise funds, simply click the “Create an Event” button below. The registration process is easy and once you’ve provided the details we need, a Robbie’s Rainbow representative will contact you and help you get started.

We are here to work together! We want you to have a great fundraising experience, ensure your event is a great success, and show you that your fundraising efforts will help make an IBD child’s future a whole lot brighter.

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