A Body in Motion

Stay active, do the things you love and take part in the sport you enjoy. Dealing with IBD shouldn’t keep you at home or slow you down. Mild to moderate exercise can help reduce IBD symptoms, improve bone density and decrees stress. As stress can cause IBD to flare, reducing your worries and anxiety through regular exercise is all-around good for you and your IBD!

Diligence Pays Off

Taking medication on time is essential for maintaining remission. If you or your children are taking injections or infusions, make sure you stay on top of when they’re due by marking the dates down on your calendar or setting reminders on your smartphone. Be proactive and aware. If you have to reschedule a treatment or skip a dose due to illness, check in with your healthcare provider first. Let them know you are ill and ask them to advise you on the most appropriate steps. Remember, skipping doses or postponing a treatment leaves the door open for inflammation.

Protect Yourself

Make sure you keep up to date on all your vaccinations, especially the flu vaccine. If you are about to start an immunosuppressant, talk to your healthcare provider about catching up on missed “live” vaccines. If you are currently on treatments that suppress the immune system, then avoid LIVE  or activated vaccines. It is also important for the other members of your family to keep their immunizations up to date; this will not only go a long way to keeping you healthy, it will help protect the entire family.

Sleeping Beauty

Kids and teens with IBD need ate get a full night’s sleep. Sleep is also a wonderful way of managing any stress you may be experiencing. Help get the shut eye you need and establish a bedtime routine – go to bed at the same time every night, and wake up at the same time each morning. It’s also important to avoid caffeine or sugar-rich food and drink before bedtime; you can’t get a good night’s sleep if your body is feeling active and alert. If all else fails, try exercising or playing sports after school and you may be off to slumberland faster than you think. Sweet dreams!

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